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John Buechner Jewelry CollageIn July of 1988 Bob Klose, Steve Lennox and John Buechner of Chicago formed John Buechner Inc., a gem and jewelry wholesale company designed to cater to the top jewelers in the country. Specializing in rare gems and diamonds and gem-laden, hand fabricated pieces, the shop is located in the newly remodeled 8 South Michigan Ave. address with a view of Lake Michigan and the new Millenium Park.

The newly formed company took off like a rocket. By 1990, with the help of three on the road salesmen, John Buechner Inc., was selling to over 600 jewelers in 38 states. Bob, Steve, and John traveled to the world gem centers and established themselves as collectors of the finest and rarest gems and diamonds.

Today John Buechner Inc. boasts sales of individual jewelry pieces in the multi-million dollar price range. Their inventory is a line of some of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. Green, blue-green, pinks and even red diamonds are combined with the most select rubies, sapphires, and emeralds available on the planet.

John Buechner Jewelry Collage


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